• The smart, self learning solution to unwanted junk messages on iOS…

Smart filters

SMS Checker uses smart filters that are created and trained for a specific language, using machine learning. This way, the filter gets better at detecting junk with each message it sees. We regularly train the filters with latest junk messages, making sure SMS Checker is always one step ahead of spammers.

Customizable rules

Whitelist and blacklist let you add flexible and powerful rules that you can apply anywhere on the message. This way, you can easily get notified by messages that come from your bank or your airlines etc. and silently ignore those like betting firms, or stores who insist on sending you messages even though you never opted in.

Full featured

Everything you need to filter out unnecessary messages.

Privacy oriented

Your privacy is our most important rule, period. Use SMS Checker being sure that nothing will be shared with 3rd parties.

CoreML support

Utilizes CoreML, the machine learning framework on iOS for fast message classification.

Online smart filter

In addition to the local smart filters, online smart filter adds additional classification support.


Smart filters for different languages. We will add more languages as we train the filters.

Easy to use

Settings for any use case. Descriptive on every step. Fast and easy.

iPhone, iPad and iCloud support

Use on your iPhone, use on your iPad. Sync your lists using iCloud. Works great on all devices.

Available now!

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