Just politely ask the spammer, and they will remove your number.

Obviously no, they won’t… Most spam senders have 2 purposes:

  • Deliver their messages to as many people as possible.
  • Harvest phone numbers and verify that they are active.

That second purpose is what you should be aware of. Spammers don’t follow ethical rules and also try to find loopholes in the legal system. When you try to opt out of a text message, most probably they will not opt out your number. They will flag that number as actively used and sell it as an approved number to other spammers at a high price, resulting in more spam messages being sent to you.

Don’t contact a spammer. Instead ignore them. With SMS Checker, that is much easier to do, since you will not get a notification when a spammer sends you a message. This way, they may remove your number from their lists in the long run.

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