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SMS Checker is an iOS app that lets you detect and filter junk SMS and MMS messages, using IdentityLookup framework provided on iOS 11 and later. Installing and enabling SMS Checker allows SMS Checker to filter all the text, content and sender information included in incoming SMS and MMS messages that you receive from senders who are not in your Contacts. These messages may include verification codes from banks or other institutions, as well as other personal or sensitive information that may be in SMS and MMS messages.

You can disable SMS Checker at any time from iOS Settings → Messages → Unknown & Spam.


  1. Introduction
  2. Data collection and usage policy
  3. Data sharing policy
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SMS Checker is an iOS app that can be used offline and/or online. As the developers of SMS Checker, we have only one goal, which is to give you a means to provide meaningful and continuous junk SMS filtering ability. Before starting to use SMS Checker, please read this policy carefully. By using SMS Checker, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information as described in this policy.

This policy can be modified and updated on a regular basis, depending on updated features of SMS Checker. It is important to check back to this page regularly.

Data collection and usage policy

The data types that may be collected by SMS Checker are as follows:

  1. Anonymous device information using Firebase Analytics. This information can include device type, iOS version, IP address and demographics. This data is used for analyzing usage characteristics of SMS Checker and to develop the app continuously.
  2. Anonymous app performance statistics using Firebase Performance Monitoring and crash information using Firebase Crash Reporting. This data is used solely for monitoring app performance and to fix any crash conditions that may occur during usage.
  3. If Online Smart Filter is enabled, sender and content information of any SMS or MMS where you have a network connection. This information is used automatically by the Online Smart Filter to decide whether a message is junk or not. This information can be recorded for further analysis of junk messages and any non personally identifiable information may be used to train the online and offline machine learning filters that make junk message decisions. Any personally identifiable information will immediately be deleted after analysis. You can disable Online Smart Filter at any time, if you don’t want this information to be collected by SMS Checker.

Data sharing policy

  1. Anonymous usage and performance information may be shared with Firebase.
  2. Any information, personally identifiable or not, collected through the usage of Online Smart Filter is deemed confidential and will not be shared with any third party. We may only use or disclose any personally identifiable information to a third party if we are required to do so by law or if we in good faith believe that such action is necessary to comply with the law or legal process; to protect and defend our rights or to prevent misuse of SMS Checker; or to protect the personal safety of developers or users of SMS Checker, or the public.


You may contact us via for any inquiries regarding this policy.

Last updated: September 9, 2017